Monday, 13 December 2010

Thinking about The Jetpack

I had a good chat with Will, Claire and Andrew on friday and was advised to look at what the jet pack would be used for, eg, film, tv or theatre etc... thinking about what it wold be used for would offer constraints and guidelines to what thejetpack should be, this will help the design along and allow me to think about what it needs to have to fulfill the criteria of the job. So... I think I would like to make props and costumes for either Film or Tv so its going to have to be used by actors,and it would most likely be used with some kind of harness or flying rig. 

image 125

image 124

image 123
 This harnes was used in the original Peter Pan, someting like this would be excellent for the style of my jetpack, although i dont think this one would meet health and safety regulations today but a similar one could be made using more advanced materials and techniques.

image 122
image 121
image 120

These harnesses are quite good, the vest one looks like a waistcoat, if made in another colour material and with styling it could look brilliant, and the briefs style harness could be easily desguised under clothing like a dress for example.

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