Thursday, 11 November 2010

all things steampunk

this post is purely about the styling of steampunk, clothing, colours, materials etc...

image 64
a group of steampunk enthusiasts, great costumes and props, some people that show creativity with these sort of hobbies get jobs promoting companies, characters and concepts at events and shows, this is something i would like to do one day.

image 63
i chose this image to show how a normal guitar can be 'steampunked', by painting it to look like its made from metal, adding plumbing parts and various other vintage items, it looks like it is a complexed machansim, mos times to make something look like its being powered by steam, hence the term 'steampunk'.

image 62
this computer has had a full overhaul to make it look vintage, they've replaced all of the factory standard parts with vintage hand crafted parts, and took it several decades back to make it look like it was made in the past by an inventor who discovered it at a time where it wasnt understook, maybe im thinking a little deep there but thats what i think when i see these types of things and it sparks my imagination.

image 61
this gun was designed by Greg Broadmore and made as a collectors model by the Weta workshop, it is an extremely awesome piece of steampunk art.

image 60

image 59

image 58

image 57

image 56

image 55
(this image gives the idea that anything steampunk is very grand and proud to be what it is, hence why people wear suits and fancy clothing with their contraptions, to look good, this is probably one of the defining rules of steampunk)

image 54
a costumewith steampunk flair to be proud of, a digital background enhances the feel of the image, maybe i could use ths technique to make my jetack seem as if it was in a real scene.

image 53
a lady dressed in victorian attire with a control board and pipes decorating the dres, this would be for some contraption that she has like an artificial heart or a special weapon.

image 52
artwork from Dr Groadborts comics, very british and adventurous, a gentleman explorer with brute ambissions.
image 51
like this photo, just a few fellas hanging out in traditional victorian wild west style.
image 50
another of Dr Groadborts advertisment posters, the clothing matches the style perfectly, posh, rich, hunting for sport and doing it in style.

image 49
competition standard steampunk costumes, you can tell that some people live there life the steampunk way, it would be amazing to live in the style of a sci fi world, with such class and workmanship.
image 48

image 47

image 46

image 45

(this styling mostly accurs to men, but i think if i made it for a lady then it would be out of the norm and it might help catch more eyes when looking through my portfolio)

image 44
starting to look at womens style within steampunk, as it would offer a much more interesting jetpack as aposed to the same old jetpack that every one makes.
image 43
a stlye which to me catches the eye, looks like she is an adventure girl who gets up to mischief. the colours are great and the clothes compliment the era that she is proposing.
image 42
this photo is an example of alernative steampunk, i like the goggles and tha red hair, red being one of steampunks strong colours, it looks good.

image 41
i like the shapes of the gloves, neck/chest thing and the accessories on the hat in this image.

image 40
i like this dress because its the sort of thing that i can imagine a craft girl would wear, like a female blacksmith or something.

image 39
 quite a nice outfit, things like the sleeves on the shirts would have to be handmade and the waistcoat is probably handmade too, it pays to be original with steampunk.

image 38
saw this image and thought how laring the clothes would be a good idea. having a long dressor something with a waistcoat or corset over the top would be great.
image 37
a burlesque style would bring a sexyness to the jetpack, plus a woman dressed like this who also had a jetpack would be awesome, she could be a cool character for a comic or story.
image 36 tophats on girls look just as good as dresses, and this girl has shoulder plating to, some steampunk characters have armour as steampunk is a stleof adventure and adventure can often lead to trouble.

image 35

(very good mood board)

image 34
again, layers pay off, lots of deiiferent tones of the same colour can look really good.

image 33
dress and military coat, a great look for steampunk girls, and when armed with a gun they loo fantastic.

image 32
some steamgirls can look like pirates like this one does a little, with those strange knife guns too and that calico shirt. but it works really well.

image 31
image 30
the jetpack adds to this costume, making her interesting and individual, i think the jacket is nice, with all the buttons on it. along with the belt it looks good.

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