Thursday, 11 November 2010

the rocketeer

whilst looking through google for images of 'steampunk jet/rocket packs' i found white a few of 'the rocketeer' which i also rather like, although the rocketeer is more styled with art deco, so il get a few images of the rocketeer for reference and then research steampunk style and then art deco style and go from there.

image 29
like this image, it has great colours and shows exactly what the rocketeers style of flying is, 'head up high, fists clenched and unpredictable'

image 28
a very art deco image of the rocketeer, streamline and pastille.

image 27
an image from the comic i presume, very cool action shot of him in flight.

image 26
love the jetpack and gun combo, gives him an edge, like superman can fly but also has laser vision, this gives the viewer the thought that he is an excellent marksman, although probably not, its a great look.

image 25
vibrant, rich colours, could use this typeof colour scheme, reds, golds or bronze. leather and precious metals look fantastic for this type of thing i think.
image 24
a detailed image showing the dinamicness of the jetpack a

nd the rocketeer.
love this image, i think of it as he is a lone soldier of justice, since the blimp has the swasica on it, it shows that he fights for good.
image 22
fan art of the rocketeer in flight, shows that he is focused and determined. a fantastic costume design aswell.
image 21

image 20

image 19

image 18

image 17
( really good site, has a step by step guide how to make the rocketeers jetpack)

so after looking at all of this, im feeling really positve about making a jetpack, however i will look at some of the other ideas like a helmet or prop before i decide

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