Friday, 12 November 2010

wild wild west costume ispiration

after watching the film 'wild wild west' i gathered a few research boards of the burlesque costumes used in the now searching through google to find more resources to refer to when designing my jet pack, im thinking that when i take photo's of the finished model, i will get someone to model it for me wearing period clothing, 18th century burlesque/steampunk
image 83
when i watced 'Wild Wild West' i saw these costumes and thought they might be something to look into.

whilst watching the film i took various screen shots and grouped them on art baords
image 82
a burlesque costume hunt, found this one, is quite good for a one size fits all costume, maybe i could buy one of these for someone to model my jetpack in.

image 81
these dresses look great for the steampunk style but i think a tad dangros to be using a jetpack with, might catch fire or something.

image 80
something like tis would be wicked, its slim and has lots of fastenings, i especially like the poofy sleeves and trousers.

image 79
the last two images are based on more of a steampunk, working class style outfit, a corset with a waistcoat over the top, i really like this combo, it offers style and practicalilty in one sexy outfit.

image 78
this costume reminds me of tomb raider, with the leg holster and the shorts. seampunk can be a great way for girls to show off their assets and play a part in a sexy science fiction cult.

image 77
(i love this outfit, the dress and the waistcoat match the idea i have in my head, i am definately going to incorporate these styles into the jet pack, the colours are also a spot on match, i might add purple details onto it aswell just to make it a little more feminine.

image 76
this costume isnt the best ive seen but i like the goggles and leather pilots hat, steampunk is all about steam powered machines and alot of them are airbourne, so the goggles and aviatortle has taken part in alot of it. 
image 75

image 74

image 73
these three images are alternative steampunk, which is less vintage and more bright coloured hair and piercings, his is still a gret look and is as popular as the more traditional steampunk style.
this weekend im going to find some images of the single pieces of the outfit, eg. waistcoat, dress, bonnet... and print them out and design the exact outfit or a few outfit designs so that i can move onto designing the actual jet pack, maybe i can make more than one item for the outfit.

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