Thursday, 18 November 2010

background reseach

i figure that getting an indepth idea of what sort of era this jetpack will be set in , it will influence more ideas and allow me to narrow down my search..
image 90
image 89

image 88

image 87
image 86

these images show the style of the town that im thinking of, a steampunk cowboy town, i love the style of the film ' wild wild west' and how its a clash between western america and victorian england, the top hat prevails and the engineering all works from steam power.
image 85
 these gentlemen are almost exactly the style im going to follow, love brass and copper, along with the suits and british dress sence.
image 84
then i also love the idea of an inventor working in his shed/barn making flying contraptions, his dress style owuld be overalls with like a blazer jacket over the top, or a calico shirt with a leather waistcoat over it, im going to make a series of style models, using printed out clothes on a mini tailors dummy to show different ways of dressing, and i can also use these models to test mock up jet packs, goggles, armour etc on

image 84

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