Thursday, 11 November 2010

steam punk jet packs

here are a few images from the web that i like the look of or that give me a creative spark;
image 16

a pretty simple jetpack, nothing special but has clear components which makes it more visible to see what jetpacks have.
image 15
I do love this one, it reminds me of the exhaust pipes on the front of a Supermarine Spitfire, its very aircraft style related i think, a nice neat jetpack

image 14
saw this 3D draing of a jetpack and saved it as it has clear harness points and clear structure, and all views are visable. i like the funnel exhaust too

image 13
a very nice image, not too sure about the jetpack, i would want somethin a little less mechanism based, a subtle, fashionable jetpack would look better for what im doing.
image 12
this one is very manga steampunk i think, the wings are cool but higly impractical, i want to make a jetpack that could be worn by a lady to go shopping in or on a casual outing, this one would catch on things, knock into people and generally cause a neuence.

image 11
a very simple, almost carton jetpack here, i like the simplicty of it but it still has style and the appearance that it could work.  

image 10
i love this image as it embodies everything that steampunk is, proud inventers and theyre brass and copper contraptions. 

image 9
this one would be made just as a quick costume piece for a convention or something, it does feature some really nice details though like the pressure gauge and the sachell case. 
image 8
this one looks as if it were made in the shed at the bottom of the garden, made from metal bowls and lamp parts, although crude this is the sort of thing that steampunk is all about.
image 7
this one is pretty plain, could do with a larger variety of colour, but the metal work (if t is metal, most likely things stuck together and spray painted) is accurate and realistic. 
image 6
a very game style jetpack, 3 rockets, i like the weathering and false heat treatment to the vents and exhaust pipes. 
image 5
this one is very simple, mearly made from two plastic bottles with probably cardboard holding them together, although it is very low level, it serves its purpose and has a nice harness.
image 4
the film prop jepack from 'The Rocketeer' a very nice jetpack, made professhionally and looks as if you could take it out the box strap it on and fly away. the background story helps make it seem real too, maybe i could include working drawings, specs and blueprints to the jetpack i make in the submission.
image 3
another convention jetpack, these are all different and all look pretty cool, most of them made from simple household items decorated with vintage dials, rivits and a nice paint job.
image 2
a nicely styled jetpack, although improbable as the controls are on the back, i might want to think about what dials, gauges and other things i put on the back. i should think about a hand held or frontal control panel.
image 1
this one is a terrible example, i dont like this at all, its basically a pesticide back pack or something painted and had things stuck on it, im not bitching but just giving an example of something i dont want to make.

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