Thursday, 10 February 2011

attaching the birds to the rocket

I've almost finished the jet pack now, I'm going to screw the rocket to a back plate and then the birds to the back plate.
going to surform the birds sides so that they fit snuggly onto the rocket

using a curved surform I made the profile of the rocket

I then set out to making the backplate
I've design the shape of this to give enough strength but to minimise weight and space. I also gave it a stylish flair so it doesnt stick out from the jet pack design

just placed the back plate over the rocket and birds to see where to attach it

I first screwed the rocket to the backplate as that is the center piece and the birds would attach to that

screwed the birds on with some long screws, I used three to optimise strength as the foam and plaster isnt really a strong material to screw into.

view from the top of the jetpack, this is looking pretty good now

because the foam and plaster isn't ideal to screw into im applying a few layers of fibreglass to strengthen the part im screwing into

im going to leave it over night to set then i'll sand it and re drill the holes tomorrow

I probably should have taken a few more pictures to explain what this is, the fire extinguisher is on a wall mount like this

image 170 the bracket I have has three holes for screws to mount it to a wall or inside the rocket, but I couldnt get a screw driver in the tube to screw it in, so I drill holes in line with the mounting bracket, then I screwed the bracket on and filled the drilled holes back in with car body filler, i'll sand it back to the surface of the rocket to hide to holes.

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