Sunday, 13 February 2011

the last few things

A gold and brass paint job, the paint I used was plasticote, this may be ok for doing RC car models or painting model railways, but I regretusing it on my model, especially the gold, the paint has a very shiny finish and because of this it needs hours and hours to dry properly, I didnt have hours and hour so the paint has been dulled by fingerprints, cloth imprints etc etc.
I was looking through some of the drawings I had done earlier in the project and had realised that some of them had swirls and filigree on the birds to indicate feathers but not realistically. I really liked the idea of this and set about drilling the designs out, In this photo, the lines in white are unpainted and the brown lines are the finished lines. I really like this improvement as it gives more detail to them and also makes them look more feminine.

The next things to go on were the wings, I hade made these from the same material as the harness, not only beause I had lots left but It would tie the jetpack in nicely with the harness. I used contact adhesive to attach the wings.

the jetpack is comeplete, now to attach it to the harness, im just going to screw through the harness into the jetpack, and i've made a small wedge at the base of the jetpack to point the exhaust away from the wearer.

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