Friday, 4 February 2011

the hand control

so I've started to collect things to make the control, including this old bicycle break leverm im using this as it is vintage and simple so that there isnt much that can go wrong with the mechanism.
I've attached it to this piece of pipe just to show how it will work, im going to use a thicker handle on the final one though as the space between the handle and trigger is uncomfortable.
Im using a handle from a small paint roller as the base for my handle, Ive stuck the lever to the handle with milliput, im going to sand thge milliput smooth when it sets, then make a leather handle grip to cover the majority of the plastoc handle and some of the lever body,

to make the trigger work im using a number of components from a bike break system, this is a cable grip bolt, the cable goes through that small hole, then a washer goes on then a nut to clamp the cable in place, but since this bolt isnt going to be on a break arm, im having to make the section with the hole thinner so the nut can screw all the way upthe bolt,

using a grinding disk on my dremel tool I grinded away some of the bulk material.

once I had it the right  thickness the nut was able to fasten all the way up to the wire making it secure to attach to the fire extinguisher,

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