Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The day my camera batteries were flat

I didnt realise untill I came to take a picture that my camera batteries had run out of juice, this was very annoying.
What I got done today:
  • sanded the additional filler I applied the night before
  • Screwed the birds on again, throught the fibreglass that I applied yesturday
  • drilled a hole in the rocket for the pressure gauge pipe 
  • drilled and cut a hole for the pressure gauge housing to sit in
  • pirimed the jetpack and most of the smaller items that I'll be attaching to the hand control
  • sprayed the jetpack and fittings with gold and brass paint
  • made milliput wing bones to later tonight attach the leather feathers to
I will get some more batteries later tonight and upload an image or two of the jetpack as it is now, and some more images of the progress I make tonight also.

The wings that I'm going to make will be made from the same leather that I made the harness from so that they fit the colour scheme of the jetpack and because I still have quite a bit of it left over.

The wings will be made up of individual feathers and then sewn into a sheet of feathers that I will attach to the wing bones, making these wings was going to be left out but I'm not keen on the look of the jetpack as it is now as it seems very plain and boring so these wings will make it seem much better.

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