Friday, 4 February 2011

The harness

Since I've made the maquette harness and now ave my fabric I'm gonna get started with the harness.
drawing out the pattern with tailors chalk, adding a border round it to allow for seams.

once I cut them out I layed them all out , this is what it looked like

after sewing all the pieces together I added the belt straps, I sewed them like this so that it not only gave the harness structure but I really like the look of this.
the inside looked like this below

I had to be really careful when sewing throught the belt, I snapped 4 machine needles in total for the harness, and one almost went in my eye. Might be a good idea to wear goggles next time I sew through belts or other thick stubborn materials.

this is a view from the back of the harness, this is only the outside ply, im also going to sew an inner ply in anoter colour material, see howthe belts add detail to the harness, im going to use more belt on te fron parts to also make the front as riggid as the back but also to add detail to the front.

the harness is almost done, it has taken quite a lot of work to get it to this stage and am quite pleased with it so far
luckily I was able to disassemble the belts to individual pieces, this would make the straps neater and would be easier to atachthem to the harness.

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