Friday, 28 January 2011

maquette for the harness

I had michaela round so i could get started on making the harness, made this paper maquette first using an image from google

image 169
 to sketch out the basic shape of the parts
this was the first stp to getting the right size and making adjustments, it was quite fiddely and time consuming, but as soon as i got this made i was able to make another maquette from fabric, i just used an old pillowcase,

The paper templates on the fabric ready to draw round and cut out, these shapes are the size of the final shape, im going to add about a centimeter onto all the edges to allow for sewing pieces together and to hem the edges,
after the shapes have been drawn out with the extra material on the edges, I cut them out and made adjustments to the corners so they could be folded and sewn neatly,

the boarders on these are about 1cm all the way round, I cut the corners off because they're not needed and would just get in the way and make the sewing messy.

to make sure that the sewing machine stayed on corse and that the curve was sewn as designed I used pins to keep the material in place

this is all the parts sewn together, when I made this one, I sewed two peices together at a time, I will sew all the pieces together at once on the leather one so that the stitching will flow smoother.

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