Monday, 17 January 2011

bird jet pack

ive done a few sketches and am now going to make some sketch models to see how they look in 3d. i bought a mini wooden man and made some jetpacks with miliput and card,

just made a simple cardboard harness to attach the model to.


 the first jetpack done, a simple shape with a pressure gauge at the top, then wing detailing added over the top , sprayed gold just to give it a steampunk feel, i like it but i know i can improve it some what.

thought of a jetpack with wings, then i thought about a jetpack with birds on it, did this sketch to see what looks best, wings open or wings pointing down. i much prefer the one with the wings pointing down, its much more streamline and attractive.
so i made this sketch model,
a single cylender shaped rocket in the center, with a bird either side of it, the bird would be a decorative container for the fuel or some mechanism.

Im going to design a jet pack with two birds either side of the rocket, with the wings being the most dominant feature of the jetpack. im going to source out pictures of birds to se which seems the best style and shape fr the jetpack.

image 140
I like this as it has simple outlines of birds so its esy to see what would look good.
these are the birds that i like from the above.

Just quickly put them into position asif they were either side of a rocket.i dont want one tyhat has the wings out horizontally, I'd like the wings to be pointing as down as possible if that makes sense. so I think the green bird is the one I will choose. i could goout and search for more and more birds but I spent too much time designing the costume rather than the jetpack so I need to get a move on.

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