Friday, 21 January 2011

some more research images

image 155
this steampunkpendrive like the other one i uploaded is awesome for a rocket design as its cylendrical and has little valve looking details and pipes on it, i've found an artist called Will rockwell who makes things just like the one above, infact that is one of his and its for sale for $3,000.
image 154
image 153
image 152
image 151
this one is also a memory drive believe it or not, i love the style and functionality of the design too. im sure this will inspire me for my jetpack.
image 150
image 149
image 148
this one isnt as impressive as some of the preivious ones i found but still very nice.
image 147
image 146
image 145
absolutely love this one, it looks like a jetpack already, the two exhaust pipes ate the sides and the manifold looking plate held on with rivets looks awesome.

image 144
this memory stick is amazing, probably not something i would desgn my jetpack similar to but definately cool.

image 143 i saw his one and yelled out 'WOW' this one doesnt really have any features that i would put on my jetpack but is so cool.

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