Monday, 17 January 2011


aIm looking for something that looks awesome as a jetpack thruster. looking for shapes and items that would make a great feature on it.
image 142
found this usb stick on google, but when i saw it i saw a jectpack thruster, the little circular window would be a pressure gauge and the opening for the micro sd card would be the jet exhaust, the little wires would be pipelines for steam or water, and the shape is exactly what im looking for.
image 141
saw these car C02 spray things on google and thought that they would make great exhaust caps, because im going to have a fire extinguisher as the propellant.this would be quite easy to make and it would make for a wider exhaust gas look.

I was just thinking of how to activate or release the gas from the canister from the users hand, and Ed Mitton came up with the idea for a hand control using a bike style brake lever, this is a great idea, if you sqeeze the lever the cable tightens and closes a break arm, tis arm would be able to close the handle on the extinguisher therefore opening the valve and letting out the gas, i thought that this owul be excellent as a speed controller, i could attach a speed gauge too.
I have lote of spare bike parts so I would be able to make a maquette version quite quickly, im going to buy the fire exstinguisher now and when it arrive I will be able to test it out, I might even buy two so that i can use one for testing and one for the shoot.

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