Thursday, 20 January 2011

Talk with Will

Just been talkin to Will about the project, so... im not going to mould and cast the jetpack now, im going to make it from the foam sketch model, scultping in foam and filling and sanding. Also, i was thinking of going to visit 'Articole studios' in hertfordshire as i was going to make the jetpack from fiberglass and thats what they do, but since now im making it in a different way its a bit far to go just to visit a company, so Will told me about 'Scary Cat studios' in bristol and they do alot of interestingstuff aswell, and theyre really close so i wouldnt be wasting time traveling instead of being with Scary Cat.
I showed Will what i currently have with the model and costume, he said that the foam model would be good enough to model from for the finished thing, and to get lots of 'found items' and customise them to make them look like they've been made, eg covering up screws and making decorative covers for switches etc. today im going to start sanding and smoothing off the birds from the setch model and later on tonight im going to pinch a piece of pipe from the construction site outside modelmaking to use for the rocket housing, im going to go back to B&Q and get some more fixtures for the rocket and something like a drain cover for the bottom end cap of the rocket. ill also make some milliput detailing for the pressure gauge ive got. basicall im going to be very busy over the next few days building up the jetpack shape, im going to get as much done as i can so that when i visit a company i can take it with me and show them what im doing, and ask them what they would do and what they think of my model.

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