Wednesday, 26 January 2011

pressure gauges

I have already bought one pressure gauge for the jetpack, i want some more though, for the hand control and for the harness, i want authentic looking ones but theyre really expensive for what im going to use them for, so im considering making some on th lathe, from something like alooy and then spraying them and aging them to match the colours and style of the one i already have, plus thi way i will be able to make them exactly as i want them, the size and shape of them would be a much better fit to the design i have already mad for the harness and hand control.
a few reference images to inspire a design,
image 158
this oe is really nice, not like most of the pressure gauges ive seen, i love the half screen style and sompany logo, the colours are also excellent.

image 157 this one is a really strong shape and size, the thickness of it makes it look really robust and sturdy, this would be a great aspect to add to the design of the ones i make, the finish on this one looks aged and like the top layer of the metal has worn off, i could achieve this loo by wiping engine oil on it or just dark paint.
image 156 this one is a nice big one, the fae on it looks great, i like the hand aswell, due to the time i have left, or the
 lack of it should i say, il probably just print the hand onto the face of the gauge.

a design for a small gauge, im going to lathe alloy and spray it to make it look like a pressure gauge, i dont havthe time or money to keep looking and buying them on 'ebay', plus it would be nice if i made some of them, after all thats what im here to do.

this is the design for the medium sixed pressure gauge on the harness, next to the small gauge it will be like a control panel on the harness, this would be better on the harness rather than the jetpack as the wearer wouldnt be able to see what was happeneing if it was on their back,

an idea that popped into my head whilst thinking about the speed gauge for the hand control,

this idea was much better than the one above, and ive incorperated a pressure timer, to let the user know how much flying time they have left.

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