Wednesday, 12 January 2011

costume design

to get some ideas for the jetpack i am going to draw out some costumes to match up with the jetpack, colours, shapes and styles will be my inspiration for the jetpack, since its for awoman it will need to be colour co-ordinated and stylised to her outfit.
particularly like this one, love the leg warmer/bootcovers wiht the red baggy 3/4 lengths, also love the horizonal strap with the various gauges on it.

not too keen on this design, looks too plain, only really two colours, think it needs  more feminie colours
This one is a little boring, i like the straps on the trousers and the belts and buckle on the back of the corset/harness but that is all, the rest is bland and tasteless

like this one a lot too, it has feminity and it has vintage stylng. it may need a few alterations with the shorts to match the style of the era, but other than that i like this one.

This one is heavily inspired by the raunchy burlesque style of the wild west. it would be impractcle to use with a jet pack though, so i think maybe a little too much, but this shows a boundary so it was neccesary to design it this way.
I like the red leather harness on this one, the arm bands and gloves are also quite a nice touch.
i think a combination of this one and the first design would look awesome.

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