Thursday, 20 January 2011

collecting materials

started buying materials and pieces fo the model, so far ive got a vintage pressure gauge for the jetpack, i might try and get some other dials for the harness and hand control. i also recieved the first fire extinguisher in the mail today, whilst studying it i found that the trigger is perfect for whati need, i didnt want a button release as it would have been hard to attach a break cable to it, it has a trigger which is easy to attach one to. I am also pleased about the dimensions of the extinguisher as the jetpack is meant to be petite and slim, i went to B&Q this morning to see if i could get a piece of pvc piping for moulding the rocket but the plumbing pipe they had was much too slim and the guttering was too wide, so im still on the hunt for a nice piece of pipe, il go to wickes and local diy shops tomorrow, and if i cant find any then , il have to make a tube myself from styrene and expanding foam or something.
this pressure gauge is fantastic for this jetpack, i bought one that is used because i want it to fit right in with the rest of the model, im not going to have and brand ew looking copper piping or anything on it either, if i buy a fixture or item to detail it ill weather and age it to match the rest of the jetpack.
this is the extinguisher i bought, its probaly one of the smallest ones availible, used for motorbikes, boats and cars etc. its around 28cm tall and 6cm in diameter.

this is the trigger system, its perfect as its small and simple. im going to cut part of the handle off as its not need and will only take up space.

this photo shows how im going to make it remote triggered and make the jet come out of the top of the extinguisher as apose to the side. The pink line indicates a break cable, the yellow blocks show a locking nut or some form of locking material, the green arrow indicate which direction the cable will go when the break lever is pulled, and the blue lines show the tube that im going to fabricate to the present nozzle to divert the spray to the top of the extinguisher and out of the bottom of the jetpack.

view of the nozzle, il buy soe thin rubber tubing and insert it into the hole and apply milliput around the gap to seal it off. the smaller tubing should make the pressure rise and make for a better spray.
this is the spray from the fire extinguisher, its pretty good considering how small the extinguisher is.
just to get some sort of idea what i'l look like.

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