Wednesday, 26 January 2011

hand control design

to make the fire extinguisher fire on demand im going to make a control that the wearer can opporate and activate with out setting timers or having any remote control electronic server stuff, im going to use a break sytem from a bike to pull the trigger on the fire extinguisher, so im going to design and make a control which the user either holds or has on the wrist etc...
few images that inspire me,
image 166 this watch is amazing, i love how it has a really comlex wrist support strap and the vintage clock on the front is sprung in place, the leather is also a really nice touch,
the following watches are from the same site,
image 165
this one has less machanism and more leather, this one would probably be more comfortable and wouldn't catch on things unlike the one above,

image 164
i like the smaller clock on this one, it has that rugid look again, and the simple clock face also lends to the solid look, almost looks like its just a circular block of brass with a clock face on it,

image 163
this is another one with lots of mechanisms going on, the aged finish of these watches make them look much better than if they were polished till they were spotless, i like the aged look, and think it would make it more beliveable as a prop.

image 162
these are homemade watches made in a steampunk manor, they all have alternate straps so they fit differently to normal ones.

image 161
this watch is much like something i want for the hand control, something thats designed to be worn as a wrist/hand combo, i like the clock face being on the thumb holster part of this watch too, and also the cannister thing on the wrist strap.

image 160

image 159
this wrist device looks pretty cool, and the cable running up the arm is similar to whatim going to make, im going to make mine more descreet though

here are some sketches i've put together regarding the bike break lever and a gauge or dial of some kind, i would like to make or buy a speed gauge for this control as it would be more practical to have the speed gauge in an easiely viewed place.
i thouht of this design when i saw 'Ray Steam' from the film 'Steamboy' and just alteredit to what i need,
this deisgn is similar to the above but has slightly more ergonomic shape to it, i also added a whistle, im not keen on this design so ill say clear of shapes like these.

this design is somethin that would work really well, practically, the glove allows the user to hold other things aswell as the contol to the jetpack, the speed gauge is on the inside of the wrist because when in flight the inside of thewrist wold be more comfortable facing inwards towards the persons body, therefore making it easier and more comfortable to look at the speed etc.

these drawings basically show a number of different lever/trigger design, some with finger holes, some shortened so that only two or one finger is need to pull the lever back.
 the first of these designs were inspired by an object in the film 'Steamboy'
(a screen shot taken from the film 'Steamboy')
and the other designs were adaptations of that.

image 159
this is the 'big sister' from 'bioshock 2' i like the double gauge glove on the left hand, and the style of this costume is similar to what I'm making,

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