Thursday, 13 January 2011

wings for jetpack detailing like the look of these wings, made from mechanisms and pulley cogs.
image 139 these wings are very different to the ones above but still have a nice look in this colours, would look great if made to look like brass or bronze.
image 138
the wings that would be on the jetpack would be similar to this, im not sure yet weather to have them pointing up or down but this is a nice style to work with.

image 137
these wings look quite nice with the clock and the telephone dialer, although they do look like they are made from butter knives.

image 136 these wings are extremely nice, maybe a little big though, (a single wing) looks like a pocket watch with two wings pointing up. the colours are really nice aswell, like a pewter with a bronze.
image 135 id quite like to use some wings with feathers, weather they be real feathers or metal shapes like feathers.
image 134
an images to show lots of different styles and shapes of wings

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