Tuesday, 18 January 2011

starting to make/ foam model

so ive designed the jetpack, and the costume, now to start making them and seeing if i can make them better. blue foam models are easy and quick to make, and can often allow corrections and mistakes to be made before the final model is started. heres what ive done so far...

these were just cut on the band saw, then i'l use the hot wre to smooth off the corners and get some more detail. im going to use some scrap denim strips from the workshop for the harness straps and il measure my model tonight so i can begin to draw out the final design. the way im thinking of making it is to sculpt the whole thing from clay, then to vaccum form it and make a fibreglass cast from the vac form mould. so the final thing will be a fibreglass shell thats screwed to a fireglass back plate then attached to the harness.
i hould be able to start sculpting it this week and start fibre glassing next week. (hopefully)
using the hot wire loop tool i carved out shapes in the birds, the round hole in the middle is for the pressure gauge i bought, im going to extend the tails of the birds by attaching longer tails onto the bit ive carved off the tails. then the rest is just smoothing off corners and making the head round

continued with the foam model, whilst using the hot wire to round off corners and create the birds profile shape, i realised the ack of the bird looked much better than the front, so i flipped them both over and switched sides.
glued the pieces together and added the tail feathers and the wing extensions. i like the look of it, but im still unsure as to how im going to detail the birds, i dont want too much detail and simple birds would just look rubbish, i think feahter detail, eyes and the beak would be fine.

im going to neaten this model up by filling the gaps with either clay or car body filler, then maybe applying some colour to it with paint probably. il use emulsion or acrylic as its cheap and wont affect the foam. 

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